Sequence logo diagrams are graphical representations of multiple sequence alignments. The Sequence Logo Kit is an online tool for creating such diagrams.

How to create a sequence logo diagram

To generate a sequence logo, enter the FASTA-formatted multiple sequence alignment into the text field. All sequences in the alignment should have the same length, including the gaps.

By default, you can download the generated diagram in the SVG format. To download the raster version of the logo, select PNG as the download format.


X axis
Show the X axis (default: yes).
Y axis
Show the Y axis (default: yes).
Color scheme
The color combination used to style the symbols. The options include Default, Black and white, Bright, and Night.
Download format
The output file format (default: SVG).

The Sequence Logo Kit software application does not store or transmit the alignment data via servers. All sensitive sequence data is analyzed inside the web browser on the end user's machine.